From Tue Jun 11 01:39:41 1996
Subject: Announcing Xpose

Xpose is a collection of Splus functions for making various plots and analyses to aid data set checkout, goodness of fit analyses and other tasks in population model building. It is set up to suit NONMEM table output. The functions are held together by a menu system and the plots can be put either on screen or on a printer. Xpose has been developed for Splus version 3.3 for Unix and Windows although it seems to work fine with Splus version 3.2 for Unix.

Xpose may be obtained freely at or via e-mail to

An overview of Xpose
As input Xpose uses one or more of a set of predefined NONMEM table files named in a specific way.

Below is the Main Menu of Xpose. From this menu many of the plots and analyses can be accessed. Some of the options in the Main Menu leads to other menus with more plots/analyses.


1: Data checkout (Menu)
2: Basic goodness of fit plots (sd)
3: Additional goodness of fit plots (sd)
4: Individual plots - linear scale (sd)
5: Individual plots - log scale (sd)
6: Distribution WRES (sd)
7: Auto-correlation of WRES (sd)
8: Model comparison (Menu)
9: Numerically summarize the parameters (pa)
10: Distribution of parameters (pa)
11: Parameter vs parameter - pairs plot (pa)
12: Parameter vs parameter (pa)
13: Parameter vs covariates (pa+co|ca)
14: Coplots of parameters vs covariates (pa+co|ca)
15: GAM (pa+co|ca)
16: Bootstrap of the GAM (pa+co|ca)
17: Tree (pa+co|ca)
18: Plots for multiple variables (Menu)
19: User defined functions (Menu)
20: Change run number
21: Manage devices (Menu)
22: Quit Xpose

We have tried to include plots/analyses that will suit most analyses. If a plot is needed that is not provided with Xpose it is possible for the user to add his own function(s) to accomplish the desired task. User defined functions are added in the User Defined Functions sub menu.

For more information about Xpose and to have a look at some of theplots that Xpose produces, go to

Best regards

Niclas Jonsson and Mats Karlsson
Department of Pharmacy
Uppsala University