From Mon Jun 16 11:41:14 1997
Subject: Intel Pentium Pro and Pentium II error

Does anybody know if the identified error in the Intel Pentium Pro and Pentium II chips will affect the results in a NONMEM analysis running under MS Fortran Powerstation?


Geoffrey Yuen, Pharm.D.
Agouron Pharmaceutical


From Wed Jul 2 02:53:33 1997
Subject: Pentium II and Pentium Pro

Does anyone know if there is a problem (errors, with floating point) with NONMEM using Pentium II 266 MHz, or Pentium Pro.




From alison Thu Jul 3 11:14:03 1997
Subject: Flawed Pentium processors

Recently, people have asked about flaws in Pentium chips. (see attached).

I don't know if any response was sent to Geoffrey or Brigitte. No one has reported any trouble or experience of any sort with NONMEM on flawed systems to me.

If anyone is particularly concerned, he/she might consider the Digital Visual Fortran 5.0 compiler. It has a compiler option:


This causes a run-time error message if the flawed Pentium processor is detected.

Alison Boeckmann