From: Sriram Krishnaswami <>
Subject: WinNonlin compatible with DVF ?
Date: 09 Mar 2001 14:49:02 -0500


I would like to know if it is possible to compile user-written models in WinNonlin 3.1 using Digital Visual Fortran, which I currently use for NONMEM on my PC

Thanks for your suggestions
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From: "Jeff Wald" <>
Subject: RE: WinNonlin compatible with DVF ?
Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2001 15:03:09 -0500

Yes! And you can write a message to to get more information on the topic.

By the way, DVF-6.0/6.1 is the recommended compiler for WinNonlin and WinNonMix.

Regards, Jeff


From: Nick Holford <>
Subject: Re: WinNonlin compatible with DVF ?
Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2001 09:54:31 +1300

DVF 6.0/6.1 are not the latest versions of this compiler. The latest version of the Compaq Visual Fortran compiler is 6.5A ( Does Pharsight specifically recommend only the earlier versions or does it also suppport the latest Compaq compiler?


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Date: 09 Mar 2001 16:34:44 -0500
From: Sriram Krishnaswami <>
Subject: Re: WinNonlin compatible with DVF ?

Does DVF 5.0 work with WinNonlin?
Now I getting this doubt.



From: "Jeff Wald" <>
Subject: RE: PharmPK Re: WinNonlin compatible with DVF ?
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 11:45:23 -0500

In follow up to Nick, Dan, and Sriram's messages:

Digital Visual Fortran 6.0 and Compaq Visual Fortran 6.1 are nearly identical (They are at least identical with respect to Pharsight products). Both will work with WinNonlin and WinNonMix.

DVF 5.0 does work with WinNonlin

Compaq Visual Fortran 6.5A is quite new and has not yet been tested with Pharsight products.