From: "Bachman, William" 
Subject:[NMusers] "Tip of the Week #5 - March 18, 2002" -submissions to nmusers mailing list - 
spam prevention and "file too long" problems.
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 12:01:21 -0500

Questions dealing with the development and use of models or other data
analysis issues can be addressed to the nmusers 
network (  

However, the nmusers mailing list only accepts submissions from those who
subscribe to the list.  This prevents you from receiving tons of "spam" -
unwanted emails for toner-cartridges, mortgage companies, stock brokers, and
offers to improve your sex life.  This means the mail account you send the
submission from must be the one you subscribed from.  If you are having your
mail "forwarded" to you from another account and then try to respond from
the forwarded account, nmusers will not accept it.  Also, if you applied
under one name and your company changed your account name but still forwards
mail sent to the original name (the one nmusers has) to your newname (where
you get the nmusers mail), you also won't see your posts on nmusers.  So, if
you don't see your post, you mail email me to update your email address that
nmusers sees as the "official" nmusers address.

The other potential problem you may encounter with the nmusers list is by
sending ".doc" of ".pdf" files.  Our server has a limit on the length of the
emails you may submit and these application files can drastically increase
the size (particularly if they include graphics).  For best results,  send
your information as ASCII text (and all within the body of the message).

If you have a "tip" or a better way to do things, by all means, feel free to
post them!  One of the reasons for doing this (other than good PR for
GloboMax), is to stimulate discussion.  We at GloboMax can learn from your
experience as well.
Do you have a "tip" you would like to share, but would prefer to remain
anonymous?  If so, you may forward it to us and your identity will be
withheld.  Distribution as a "Tip of the Week" will be at the discretion of
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