From: "Bachman, William" 
Subject: [NMusers] NONMEM Tips #15 - March 19, 2003 - NONMEM V using Open Watcom 1.0 Fortran for Windows
Date:Wed, 19 Mar 2003 11:48:49 -0500

NONMEM Tips #15 - March 19, 2003 - NONMEM V using Open Watcom 1.0 Fortran
for Windows:

A free FORTRAN compiler for the Microsoft Windows environment is available
from Open Watcom.  Open Watcom is a joint effort between SciTech Software
Inc, SybaseŽ, and the Open Source development community to maintain and
enhance the Sybase Watcom C/C++ and Fortran compiler products.

A new setup file, setup4.bat, for installing NONMEM V with Open Watcom 1.0
for Windows has been created.  An additional file, NMow1.bat, which is a
template for the nmfe5.bat file for Open Watcom 1.0, is also required. Both
files can be downloaded from the GloboMax ftp site at:

Setup4.bat can implemented in either of two ways:

1. Copy setup4.bat and NMow1.bat to COPIES of your NONMEM distribution
diskettes 1 and 3.  Then run setup4.bat with arguments from the command line
at the appropriate floppy drive directory, e.g. from a:
a:> setup4 a c nmv wfl386 y lib


2. Create a new directory on your hard-drive e.g., c:\nmow1.  Copy
setup4.bat, NMow1.bat and all the files within the main installation
directory of an existing NONMEM directory, e.g. from c:\nmv, to the new
directory. (DO NOT copy the subdirectories from c:\nmv)  Then run setup4.bat
with arguments from the command line at the appropriate new directory, e.g.
from c:\nmow1. e.g.:
c:\nmow1> setup4 a c nmow1 wfl386 y lib

setup4.bat is used in the same manner as the original "setup.bat" file.
Arguments must be specified from the DOS command prompt, e.g.:

setup4 a c nmv wfl386 y lib

a is the diskette drive
c is the hard drive
nmv is the install directory
wfl386 is the compiler command (for Open Watcom Fortran)
y is yes for optimization
lib is the name of the link program (or, in this case, the library program)

(setup4.bat can also be used with Intel 7.0, Compaq/Digital, GNU G77, or MS
Powerstation 4.0, by substituting ifl, df, g77 or fl32 for wfl386 in the
command line).

The critical changes to the file related to:

a. compiler optimizations:

/ox  - basically all optimizations (see Open Watcom documentation)
/6   - CPU target optimized for Pentium Pro
/fp6 - floating point options optimized for Pentium Pro

b. *SIZES files copied to *SIZES.for

The NONMEM files that must be modified during setup are:

1. BLKDAT.FOR: change "con" to "nul"
Note: Iterations will not be output to the console.

comment out "CALL COMMITQQ(I)"
Note: Flushing the buffer was not required for Open Watcom 1.0 on Windows
2000 Professional.
If required with other OS's, substitute the following for "CALL


Evaluation of Open Watcom with NONMEM V level 1.1 gave comparable results to
the Intel 7.0, Compaq/Digital and g77 Fortran compilers for CONTROL3,
CONTROL4, CONTROL5, CONTROL6, CONTROL7 and a library of control streams
consisting of all the standard ADVAN's and TRANS's (models and
parameterizations) available in NONMEM V.  Test operating system was Windows
2000 Professional.

1. NONMEM Users Guide Part III, pp.14,18,24,32,35,39,49,53,59,66,75,79,131.
2. Personal communication from Nick Holford: 3-18-2003 and information
obtained by searching for "watcom" 
available from the NONMEM archive:

Previous tips may be found in the NONMEM Repository@GloboMax:

See the index.txt file for a listing of previous tips.

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