Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2000 18:02:17 -0400
Subject: NONMEM on AIX

We recently installed NONMEM on IBM AIX UNIX. Although several test programs ran without any problems, one appeared to hang up. It was killed after about 75 minutes since it was expected it to finish in 10 minutes based on similar runs. It only output the 0 iteration of results.

Our guess is that there is an overflow on the IBM AIX UNIX, which with the IEEE arithmetic is set to infinity, resulting in an infinite loop somewhere in NONMEM.

We tried a short FORTRAN program where we set x = 10/sin(0.0) and then looped from 1 to x. This also resulted in an infinite loop. We used f77 and also f77 -qflttrap=overflow to try to trap the overflow, but as we are new to this environment and don't know the exact way to do this it didn't help.

The installation guide, on p. 30, recommends installation on SUN FORTRAN using the switch -fnonstd and on DIGITAL Visual Fortran using the option /fpe:0. We are using the f77 compiler on IBM AIX UNIX, and the person that installed NONMEM did not set any switch like this. Does anybody happen to know the switch for this environment?

Thank you for any help you can provide.


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