From alison Thu May 18 15:23:49 1995
Subject: NONMEM Repository (Post-Processor Program)

Hi nonmem users,

I've put a little program in the NONMEM repository.
Its in the directory NMSEE.DIR, under NONMEM.DIR.
The full address is /public/nonmem.dir/nmsee.dir
This is a reminder on how to access the repository:

World Wide Web at URL:

The readme file follows.

- Alison


Files for directory NONMEM/NMSEE.DIR

This directory contains nmsee, a post-processor program for NONMEM output. Nmsee extracts important lines from the NONMEM output. It can be instructed to ignore certain lines, to reformat them, and to precede them with identifying prefixes.

The files are:

nmsee.for - The Fortran program
nmsee.doc - Documentation for the program.
nmsee.l - Source file for nmsee.doc, in Unix man format.
E.g., nroff -man nmsee.l | cat -s > nmsee.doc
nmsee - A simple Unix shell script for running nmsee.
nmsee.bat - A simple Dos batch file for running nmsee.

Installation instructions:

1) Read nmsee.doc. It contains suggested program changes for the Microsoft Windows/DOS environments.
2) Compile the program, e.g., f77 nmsee.for
3) Copy the executable to a directory which is in the path of all NONMEM users, and give it the same name that is used in the nmsee shell script or batch file. E.g., cp a.out /usr/local/nmsee.exe
4) Copy the shell script or batch file to the same directory.

It should be possible to run nmsee on any platform.

Summary of the nmsee program:

Input - a NONMEM output report (unit 5)
Input - a file of instructions called nmsee.opt (unit 8)
Output - a summary of the report (unit 6)


NONMEM is run with CONTROL3/DATA3 from the NONMEM distribution medium as input (THEOPHYLLINE SINGLE SUBJECT DATA). OUT3 is the output report.

The command: nmsee mmboth prefix notext nocovar OUT3

The output:

ti 1.70E+00 1.02E-01 2.90E+01
tl 0.00E+00 0.00E+00 0.00E+00
tu 1.00E+06 1.00E+06 1.00E+06
tj 1.70E+00 1.02E-01 2.90E+01
oj 1.17E+00
gi 3.50E+01 -3.74E+02 -1.01E+03 2.00E-01
gf 2.37E-01 1.42E-01 -2.38E-01 2.39E-03
pf 1.07E-01 9.98E-02 1.05E-01 8.77E-02
mm 8.94E+00 8.940
tf 1.94E+00 1.02E-01 3.20E+01
of 8.99E-01
te 6.29E-01 7.38E-03 1.25E+00
oe 5.45E-01

Comments, suggestions, etc., are welcome. Advice on installation in other environments is especially welcome.

Nmsee is not a supported product of the NONMEM Project Group, but has been found to be useful here.

Alison Boeckmann
University of California, San Francisco
Room C255, Box 0626
521 Parnassus Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94143-0626
(415) 476-1966
Fax (415) 476-2796