From Tue May 30 09:18:02 1995
Subject: NM-Tran under Windows NT

For NONMEM users running Windows NT:

NM-TRAN compiled under the Fortran Powerstation Compiler for Windows NT produces an "access violation." I have traced the problem to a compiler error. In the routine GENFOR, the following code can be found (the 1015 CONTINUE is included to help you find the line).

IF (CTEMP.NE.' `) WRITE (10,'(A,22X,A,A)')

The "access violation" occurs on processing the WRITE statement. I don't think there is anything wrong with the code itself. The following null change in the structure of the program corrects the problem.

WRITE (10,'(A,22X,A,A)')

Name: Steven L. Shafer, M.D.
E-mail: Steven Shafer <>
Phone: 415 852-3419 FAX: 415 852-3414
Pager: 415 723-8222 No. 3477
Date: 05/30/95, Time:09:07:39


From alison Tue May 30 11:37:07 1995
In Reply to Steve Shafer's posting:

Actually, this problem had been noticed about one year ago, and NMTRAN source code was changed to avoid the compiler bug. Steve was working with an older version of NMTRAN.

The new version, NM-TRAN II 3.0, is being sent to new licensees (License numbers nm0514 and higher).

Newsletter #11 and Patch diskette A, sent in Nov. 1994, provide the revised code for older licensees.

Alison Boeckmann