From: "tausif Ahmed"
Subject: [NMusers] Problem in loading NONMEM software
Date: Wed, November 3, 2004 10:36 pm 

Dear Group members,
We have recently purchased NONMEM, but are not able to load the
software. Kindly advice us to solve our problem.

We are having Digital Visual fortran. We installed the nonmem software
as per given procedure in:
"Nonmem users guide - Part III" ------> "Appendix 3- shortcuts" -->in
that "MS-DOS commands" (page No. 120.) 

Here we are in the confusion as there in the last, we have to
copy some files :-
1) nmfe.bat & 
2) nmhelp.exe  

to the user's path, so, actually where we have to copy these file
or in which folder, please mail me all the details.

Or if there is any other procedure to install the software then please mail me.

As our PC configuration is like this :-

1) PIV, 512 MB RAM, WIN XP professional, Digital visual Fortran.

When ever we are running the test program of Nonmem (as per given in
Testing nonmem)in the Digital visual fortran it is showing many errors.

Please mail me all the deta! ils for the same.

Waiting for your reply.

With Kind Regards,
Tausif Ahmed

From: "Lilian Li"
Subject: RE: [NMusers] Problem in loading NONMEM software
Date: Thu, November 4, 2004 12:41 am


The manual instructs you to copy these files to your
working data directory, i.e. whatever directory you
are storing your csv file, the control steam file,

However there is an easier alternate way: right click
on my computer and bring up the properties window.  Go
the last tab "Advanced" and then "Environmental
Variables".  In the lower half, there should be a list
of system variables.  Find the variable that's named
'path', and edit it.  There will be a long list, go to
the end of the list, and add "c:\nmv;c:\nmv\tr", be
sure to separate each with a semicolon, no space. 
This is assuming that you installed NONMEM on the
local c drive.  Otherwise just substitute c with the
appropriate drive label.  By setting the path this way
in the system, you no longer need to copy the batch
file or the exe file into your data directory any
more.  The windows system will automatically go to the
specified directory on c drive to look for needed
files every time you execute a command.

Lilian Li, Ph.D.
Pfizer Global Research & Development

From: "tausif Ahmed"
Subject: RE: [NMusers] Problem in loading NONMEM software
Date: Thu, November 4, 2004 5:11 am 

Dear lilian
Thanks for your reply. 
Now we have been able to load Nonmem. Will you
please tell us where we should write the program & get the output of it.

As we write the program in Compaq Digital fortran ( "Nonmem
Users Guide - Part I--> Page No. 51 ( fig. 1)), but when
ever we are executing this program it is showing linking
error (* .exe error). Please inform us for the same.

Actually that we have taken as per given Nonmem users
Guide - Part III ( Page No. 34), "Testing Nonmem". Please
mail us How can we execute the program and get the output.
also what is the procedure of creating the nonmem Executable file.

waiting for your reply...

Tausif Ahmed, Ph.D.