From Mon Nov 11 07:12:04 1996
Subject: New Software

BESTFIT is happy to announce that the version 2.1 of Visual-NM is now available.

Visual-NM is an interactive software designed to offer a front-end graphical interface to the users of NONMEM program on personal computers running under the MS-Windows (3.1, 95 and NT) operating system.

The new release 2.1 offers advanced functionalities to handle user defined models and to

graphically display predicted and observed values.

You can download from our web server ( the Visual-NM user's manual (in MS-Word format) which includes an example describing step-by-step the use of the constrained longitudinal spline method to estimate model-independent pharmacokinetic parameters (MIPK): AUC, Tpeak and Cpeak according to:

Kyungsoo Park, Davide Verotta, and Lewis B. Sheiner
University of California, San Francisco
Room C255, Box 0626
San Francisco, CA 94143

The constrained longitudinal spline program can be downloaded from the NONMEM repository web server at the Internet address:
Roberto Gomeni
54 Bd Napoleon 1er
L-2210 Luxembourg
Fax: (+352) 45-40-15