From: "Paul Hutson"
Subject: [NMusers] Open note to Nick Holford about WFN installation subdirectories
Date: Thu, November 11, 2004 3:55 pm


Sorry to bother you, but I have some WFN-related questions.
I finally put g77 on my desktop and used the wfninst g77 wfn command to unzip
and compile the wfn, g770nm, and nmv files.  I defaulted to the nmv
sudirectories (std, 50t, 57t, s7t, src511).
What are these separate subdirectories used for?

Also, CrossGraphs has been sold to PPD, and is US$3,000/seat.  Do you
(or others) know of any useful alternatives to viewing NONMEM output
in addition to Mats' XPOSE/SPlus combination?

Many thanks.
nmusers: my apologies for the listserve posting if you are not using wfn, but I
thought that it was of general enough relevance to post here. PRH

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From: "Nick Holford" 
Subject: RE: [NMusers] Open note to Nick Holford about WFN installation subdirectories
Date: Fri, November 12, 2004 12:54 am


Thanks for your question about the sub-directories. They are used to store different
compiled versions of NONMEM. This lets you choose between a version which allows
more obs/subject (e.g. 50t) by calling wfn e.g.
wfn g77 50t
Please look at for details.

I am aware that CG is no longer available for any practical use because of the
pricing. Like Steve Duffull I am exploring alternatives. I am hoping to release an
addition to WFN that will automate some common graphics for display in the free R
package. If you can want to get hold of and install R then let me know and you can
be a guinea pig to test this out :-)

Best wishes,


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