From Mon Nov 18 08:37:32 1996
Subject: NONMEM running on Windows NT

Dear NONMEM users:

I have a new NT workstation installed to run NONMEM program. I got an error msg when running FL32.EXE Fortran compiler -"The procedure entry point RtExAllocateHeap could not be located in DDL ntdll.dll".

If anyone has experience in NT's setup, please let me know.



From alison Mon Nov 18 11:22:58 1996
Subject: Re: NONMEM running on Windows NT


I have no experience with NT, but here are some suggestions.

Can you compile any Fortran program at all? For example, can you compile and run this little program?

program test
print *,'hello'

It should print the message "hello" at the console.

If you cannot compile it, then probably you have installed the Fortran compiler incorrectly. Which compiler do you use? If you use Microsoft Fortran Powerstation, do you have the correct version? Powerstation 4.0 comes in two different versions, one for Windows 95 and one for Windows NT.

-- Alison