From:Leonid Gibiansky 
Subject:[NMusers] Warning on xpose - S+ interaction
Date:Tue, 19 Nov 2002 09:43:04 -0500

Just a warning on possible interaction between xpose and your own S+ scripts:

xpose creates some variables that are stored in the session data base.
These variables cannot be overwritten by simple assignment operator that
can lead to errors if you happen to use the same variable name as xpose. In
my case, I tried to read the file with the name created as

runno <- 100
fileName <- paste(runno,".tab)

My script was reading the file, because xpose current runno was
runno=300. Assignment runno=100 was inserted into the frame=1 database
whereas session data base was searched first to give runno=300 on any
execution. Even when I exited xpose, runno was fixed to 300

You can find the names of the objects created by xpose in session data base
at any given moment using 
Request to Niclas and Mats would be to use (in some future xpose releases)
more exotic names for the objects written into the session data base.