From: "Ludden, Thomas (MYD)"
Subject: [NMusers] Distribution of NONMEM VI
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2006 09:34:36 -0500

Dear all:

Icon Development Solutions is now distributing NONMEM VI to all currently
licensed sites.  During the initial post-distribution period, if you encounter
unexpected results when using NONMEM VI, please contact me directly at or (410) 696-3040. 

The transformation of parameters used in the estimation step is different from
that used in NONMEM V; therefore, gradients in the intermediate output will differ
from those in NONMEM VI.  Results for CONTROL3 - 5 examples (provided with the
distribution) using NONMEM VI are available at the NONMEM ftp site
in a folder named StdresultsNONMEMVI.

The conditional estimation of interindividual random terms, ETA's, also differs.  
For conditional estimation methods, NONMEM VI is numerically more stable and
frequently provides shorter run-times than NONMEM V.  However, on occasion and
with specific problems, NONMEM V may prove to be useful in finding a stable,
minimum objective function.

We encourage all current users to maintain their installation of NONMEM V while
they explore the performance and new features of NONMEM VI.  As long as NONMEM
VI is installed into a different directory there will be no conflict between
the two version.  If CDSETUP6.bat is used, the default directory for NONMEM VI
is nmvi.

Tom Ludden
Icon Development Solutions