From: "Stephen Duffull"
Subject: [NMusers] WinPOPT Release 1.1 beta now available
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2006 11:28:05 +1300
Hi all

The WinPOPT development team are pleased to announce that release 1.1 beta
of WinPOPT is now available and can be downloaded from  If
you are already running WinPOPT (or have installed it previously) then you
only need to download the update (rather than the full version).

If you are a user of WinPOPT and have not registered at the WinPOPT site -
please do so when you download the update.  Registration gives you earlier
access to updates, design and WinPOPT tips.

When installing WinPOPT release 1.1 we recommend that you do so in a
different directory from release 1, thereby allowing both versions to be

The new version contains many fixes for bugs that appeared (unexpectedly) in
version 1.  It is also more stable and gives far fewer warning messages.
The layout of ver 1.1 has been modified to make it easier to use, based on
feedback from users.  In addition, it has a number of new features added as
well as better handling of ODE solutions for recursive problems.  Visit the
website for more details.

With the new release 1.1, the manual has been completely updated and now
includes specific examples of many optimality problems and the specification
and results files for each of these examples will be available to download
from the web.

Happy optimizing...

Steve Duffull
For the WinPOPT development team