From: "Partha Nandy"
Subject: [NMusers] Drug initially inhibits one enzyme and then the second enzyme isinduced 
Date: Wed, September 1, 2004 7:27 am 

Hi All,

I am trying to model some data for a drug that possibly acts on 2 
enzymes.  During the first few days it inhibits one enzyme, which is 
reflected in reduced clearance of the drug, but over the next few days a 
second set of enzyme(s) gets induced resulting in steady increase of 
clearance of the drug and from that point onwards it takes over.  Here 
are some of the caveats..

- I do not have the metabolite data nor the enzyme characteristics.  All 
I have are some preliminary findings.  Therefore the model that I am 
contemplating is primarily an empirical one
- The data during the first few days are sparse, mostly troughs, but I 
have intense data for rest of the days.

I would appreciate your suggestions and help.

Kind Regards,

Partha Nandy
Clinical Discovery-BMS