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Subject: New Software

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This is a special announcement for all people involved in population pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic data analysis which are using or have planned to use the NONMEM package (The NONMEM Project Group, Clinics-255, University of California, San Francisco, CA 94143-0626, USA)

BESTFIT is happy to announce that the version 2.0 of Visual-NM is now available.

Visual-NM is an interactive software designed to offer a front-end graphical interface to the users of NONMEM program on personal computers running under the MS-Windows (3.1, 95 and NT) operating system.

You can now take full profit of the extraordinary population data modeling capabilities offered by NONMEM through the data management tools and the graphical interface offered by Visual-NM. Just by clicking on a button you can organize the data of different runs, display, edit and plot the original data, define and submit input streams to NM-TRAN, compile and link new executable NONMEM applications, run NONMEM and immediately evaluate the results using a variety of user defined graphical data display and goodness of fit diagnostic plots.

Visual-NM includes:

** the INSTALLER: to automatically install and configure NONMEM package.

** the PROJECT MANAGER: to organize the input streams, the data files and the tables of results in a hierarchical disk directories structure and to submit to NM-TRAN and NONMEM single or multiple runs organized in a job process.
** the DATA MANAGER: to define and edit the input data and to display and edit the output results using a spreadsheet tool connected with a graphical display engine
** the EXPLORATORY STATISTICS (descriptive statistics, multiple correlation and multiple linear regression with stepwise inclusion and removal option) connected with the spreadsheet data manager. These statistical tools can be used to explore the mutual dependency of the covariables, to relate the POSTHOC parameters estimates to the covariables and in general to perform analysis on any data in a spreadsheet.
** the REAL-TIME MONITOR: to graphically display the values of the objective function changes, the number of function evaluations at each iteration together with the histograms displaying the current parameter and gradient values during the ongoing NONMEM calculations.
** the REPORT GENERATOR: to extract from one or several NONMEM outputs the parameters of interest and to either generate a document or to organize the retrieved data in a spreadsheet.

A complete presentation of Visual-NM with the system requirements and the price list can be DOWNLOADED from our Web server HTTP://WWW.BESTFIT.LU

BESTFIT has developed a new data analysis software system which offers a common graphical interface to a collection of programs suitable to perform individual and population data modeling using advanced methodologies. In this environment, all the programs share the same data management system based on an EXCELR (Microsoft) compatible spreadsheet interface and the same graphical display engine fully integrated in the Microsoft Office environment.

A built-in Open interface allows to easily access not-formatted data for the analysis. You do not need any conversion program to retrieve data formatted by other software. The raw data as well as the generated parameters are displayed using the spreadsheet data manager. This tool offers extended editing, calculation, presentation and graphical display facilities.

A chart Wizard guides you through the different options required for the definition and the modification of 2 and 3 dimensional graphs. Statistical and graphical exploratory facilities are directly connected to the spreadsheet manager.

All the programs are available in a 16-bit (Windows 3.x, Win95 and NT) and in a 32-bit version (Win 95 and NT).

Among the programs that shares the same data management and graphical interface you can found:


** Visual-NM: graphical interface to NONMEM (The NONMEM Project Group, University of California, San Francisco, USA).
** EM-fit: population data modeling using a new implementation of the EM algorithm


** PK-fit (Standard): Non-Compartmental and Compartmental fitting after single or multiple dosage regimen.
** PK-fit (Advanced): PK/PD modeling using Indirect & Compartmental approach, User defined models library, Statistics for Bioequivalence studies
** NPREG-fit: Non-Parametric Regression


** OSP-fit: Optimal experimental design in pharmacokinetic experiments

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any additional question.

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