From Thu Sep 7 16:57:20 1995
Subject: NONMEM on Macintosh's

I am interested in communicating with anyone who has setup NONMEM and population pharmacokinetic analyses on a Macintosh-esp power PC's, operating system 7.5. Any information on older Mac's may also be useful.


Janice B. Schwartz, M.D.
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From alison Fri Sep 8 10:12:42 1995

David Bourne tried "Mac Fortran II v3.1.2 - Absoft - On a Macintosh IIci" This is what he had to say at the time.

-- Alison Boeckmann
From Fri Mar 31 09:55:34 1995
Subject: Re: NONMEM on the PowerMac

Absoft has come up with another version of their FORTRAN compiler for the Macintosh. This is V 4.1. I have recompiled the NONMEM files and put together another version of the help folder for other Macintosh/NONMEM users. Again the results are good (I think). I was able to optimize some files I couldn't before and not optimize one or two that optimized with v4.0 of the compiler. Oh well. The test runs are a little faster. I used the sample runs presented in:

NONMEM User's Guide Part III (Nov 92) Page 3. Using the NONMEM20-25 files.

   X    Time (sec)   File Size for          Memory        
                        NONMEM      Allocation set by    
PRED        13           576K              1217K        
ADVAN2      20           576K              1217K        
ADVAN7      143          585K              1217K        
ADVAN6      216          585K       1217K:-)            

as benchmarks. The timings etc. are shown above for a PowerMac6100/60AV. Times are about half the 1992 benchmark values. I've put together a few files including the make files for the Absoft compiler for the PowerMac v4.1. These are available at:


David Bourne, Ph.D.
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