From: "Feakin, Clive A" <>
Subject: FW: FORTRAN compiler for use with NONMEM
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2000 15:49:05 +0100

Dear NONMEM users,

Was this one resolved ... ? ie. can you use Compaq/Digital Visual Fortran v6.nwith NONMEM on NT4?

Clive Feakin
Glaxo Wellcome R&D
Technical Consultant, Technology Effectiveness, GMRPSIS

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> Subject: FORTRAN compiler for use with NONMEM
> Dear NONMEM users,
> we would like to use NONMEM under Windows NT in the future but still have
> not bought the appropriate compiler. The last time my colleague Martin
> Braeuchler was trying to figure out what NT-compatible compiler should be
> used, he ended up with the Digital Visual Fortran Compiler version 5.0.
> This was by end of 1998. In the meantime, Digital has launched version 6.
> Has anybody already experienced with vs 6 of the compiler? Does it work
> properly, and is it being supported by the NONMEM project group as well as
> is the installation utility that was available for vs 5 of the compiler?
> Thanks in advance,
> Alexander Kraus


From: Nick Holford <>
Subject: Re: FW: FORTRAN compiler for use with NONMEM
Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2000 03:03:09 +1200


Yes. I am using the Compaq Visual Fortan compiler 6.1A with NONMEM V Release 1.1 on NT 4 Service Pack 6.

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