From: "Bibliothek" <>
Subject: FORTRAN compiler for use with NONMEM
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 1999 10:56:03 +0200

Dear NONMEM users,

we would like to use NONMEM under Windows NT in the future but still have not bought the appropriate compiler. The last time my colleague Martin Braeuchler was trying to figure out what NT-compatible compiler should be used, he ended up with the Digital Visual Fortran Compiler version 5.0.

This was by end of 1998. In the meantime, Digital has launched version 6.

Has anybody already experienced with vs 6 of the compiler? Does it work properly, and is it being supported by the NONMEM project group as well as is the installation utility that was available for vs 5 of the compiler?

Thanks in advance,

Alexander Kraus