Subject: NM-EXTRACTOR, a PC software to export parameters from NONMEM output files
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 15:16:45 EDT

Dear Colleague:

MegaMed PRI Inc. is pleased to announce the release of NM-EXTRACTÒR1.0 for PC. This easy-to-use program offers a one-click step to extract the minimal value of objective function, warning messages, and estimated population parameters from the each output file generated by the NONMEM program into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. It is geared to help the NONMEM users to collect these parameters on a spreadsheet for further manipulation, report preparation, or comparison among different models.

Its current key features include:
1. Export the numerical values of all estimated parameters and standard errors, including theta, omega, sigma, and minimal value of objective function from NONMEM output files to an Excel file. In the same role along with the name of the output file, each parameter is placed in one cell and arranged in a sequence based upon the numerical label of the parameter.
2. Calculate the CV% for the estimated parameters.
3. Export the messages from the output files and place them in the message columns located after those for parameters.

NM-EXTRACTÒR saves you tremendous time and energy when parameter exporting is necessary. Dozens of output files can be accomplished in seconds in one click. To learn more about NM-EXTRACTÒR, call us at (609) 865-2061 or e-mail to for a free 3-month trial copy. Next day delivery is also available if you provide your FEDEX account number.

Thanks for your attention!

Tsang-Bin Tzeng, Ph.D.